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This Home Page thing was last updated - 1-07-2009
What was changed -
- Changed all the backgrounds to this simple aqua colour.
- I've stopped using the text "Click me!" on the thumbnails, the new ones are just a 3D-type picture.
- Added a page on my run in the 2008 Bathurst 12 Hour race.

- Updated the Aviation page 5.
- Updated the Engine Other page with a bit more technical info.
- Updated the 2V vs 4V page with a bit more info.
- Added some 4AGE head cross-section photos to the 4AG Mods pages.
- Updated the My Racing Car Repair page with a heap of photos.
- Replaced a lot of downloadable videos of my cars with Youtube embedded links.
- Added a video of me
diving with sharks on the Misc page.
- Added some photos of a speedway car I worked on, and a vid of a friend's car I drove at a hillclimb to the
Other Cars page.
- A bunch of cleaning up all over.

* See the Updates page for the history as to what has been changed. *
Recent updates -
28-09-2008, 27-06-2007, 17-03-2007, 13-08-2006, 11-04-2006, and so on.

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- Most the pictures for these pages are loaded first as thumbnails to help speed things along. Just click the picture for a larger view where available.
- These pages aren't under heavy construction, and never will be.
- Almost all the texts in these pages are my own effort, so if you want to reproduce any of it please ask first for permission! I've got no problem with you copying any of this for your own use, but all it takes is an email to let me know if you want to reproduce any of it.

** A disclaimer - With just about everything you'll find here, as far as I know all the information and files are harmless and are also legally on my page. If the files are not able to be legally downloaded from here, please let me know so I can fix the problem ASAP. A fair few of the pictures I use are from a few magazines, and although I should not be copying and using them in this manner, I am trying to bring knowledge to anyone and everyone as best I can, so please don't sue - Just ask and I shall remove if it's a problem!
All of the files I have for download here work just fine on my computer, so the chances are if you have a problem that it's at your end. All of the information pertaining to modifying engine, etc, has worked for me in the past so they do work. Just ask if you need more information as to how to make these mods work.

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