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Planned mods

Okay, so what's in store for it?
Well, I've decided to go a little excessive with the car, as I'm not going to be driving it very much and so will be adding a very nice engine to it. I still use it from time to time in club sport events, so it's not going to be wasted ... ;)
Firstly, the engine is going to be replaced by a generation four 3SGE from a 2002 Altezza, and also a 5-speed automatic 'tiptronic' type gearbox. No doubt this will bring cries of horror to many AE-86 enthusiasts, but the car is intended to be more of a performance cruiser - If I want to go fast I will have the Starlet to do that with.
The conversion has been started in late June 2003, and hopefully will be complete in a few months. Because of a recent but very strong pressure from the Police & other road authorities against modified cars, I'll be keeping the engine absolutely standard and have an engineering modification plate to make it all totally legal. It's got nearly 200hp and a lot more torque than even the current 4AG, so although it's got an automatic gearbox it'll still be quicker. The Altezza the engine came from weighs 1360kg odd, while the Sprinter should weigh about 960kg odd with the complete conversion so that helps the power-to-weight factor even more.

Conversion details page here.

The 4AGE that is filling the place until then is about 180hp, and that engine is going to go into the Starlet when that car is ready to be driven.

So, up until then the 4AGE in the car will look something like this -
You can see the 20 valve 4AGE inlet manifold that it now has, and also on the firewall the 4AGZE ignition coils.
The old Microtech EFI computer is also thankfully gone, and the engine is being run by an M4Pro Motec computer instead, which is vastly better in every way.

Sprinter engine bay


I managed to pick up a Toyota Torsen LSD, from a Carlos Sainz GT-4 Celica. It's a 6.7" centre, and so will fit the Sprinter diff housing. The axles are quite different in the Torsen centre to the factory Sprinter axles though, so larger ones will have to be made. Toyota Torsen LSD 6.7


Altezza 3SGE front cut
Altezza instrument panel
Altezza autmoatic shifter

On the left is the Altezza front-cut, as I picked it up. It's done maybe 10,000kms and is in pristine condition. The engine comes stock from the factory with titanium valves, 11.5:1 compression, and fully variable cam timing on both cams. The middle picture is of the Altezza instrument panel, which we will try to fit to the Sprinter. It'll be pretty tricky to do, but worth the effort I think. On the right is the Altezza automatic gearshift selector, with the two buttons for power and 'snow' (I think that's some sort of traction control setting), and the gearstick position for the manual selecting of gears which is done with on the steering wheel.

Conversion details page here

Other things to come -
- New front spoiler *
- Complete repaint
- Fit the 200hp 3SGE & 5-speed gearbox *
- Fit the Torsen diff & new axles *

* Have got these bits, yet to fit.

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