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My Fraser Clubman

Early 2007

Now that the car is registered, I can make it the way I want it to be. So this is the mature years page for the car.

As the car is quite low, it was in dire need of a good sump guard. I'd already touched the bottom of the bell housing a few times, and the clock was ticking ...
The one you can see on the left does a very good job, and has got a few more scrapes than the ones you can see in that photo in the month hence.
I also got the Motec ADL recessed into the dashboard, so I don't bang my knuckles on it anymore. It also makes it a lot harder to steal, and looks somewhat better than before.
It was also time to get the exhaust where it should be on a Clubbie - out the side!
The 'factory' Fraser extractors were fitted, and the same guy that made the special muffler for my Sprinter also made a muffler from scratch for the Fraser.
It works surprisingly well, as it's very short and straight-through, yet doesn't seem to be too loud with normal driving. But yes, it's a bit loud when I sink my right foot - It sounds more like a big motorbike though apparently.
The exhaust tip, like the one on the Sprinter, came from a muffler I bought in Malaysia. I couldn't find the right one here in Australia, and so I brought back a couple of those mufflers, just for the tips.
In late January 2007 I got the take the car on a run with some other Clubbies, and I got to show off my partly-completed new pain job & grille. The nose has a yellow ring around it, blending into a stripe that goes back. There's no stripe on the bonnet yet, but next time it goes into the paint shop it'll go all the way back to the windscreen. I intended for the bonnet to be semi-gloss black, but the paint guy suggested that I try a dark grey metallic finish, and after a demonstration of how it would look, I agreed that it was the way to go. It looks great. It's also got a Caterham 'Se7en' grille in the nose now.
Next on the list is to remove the scuttle for painting, and to get the yellow stripe taken all the way back.
My car is the one second from the left in these two photos.
In April 2007 I finally got around to getting the paint-job finished and I reckon it looks pretty darn good now. The yellow stripe runs all the way back down the bonnet and the scuttle is painted dark grey as well. This is pretty much its final look and so it should stay looking like this for quite a while .... until I change my mind! There's some minor painting to be done here and there though, such as I want to make the radiator black to get a better contrast with the grille, which will be a lighter colour than it is now.
On the left is a better view of the Caterham grille, and I think the final paint for it will be a slightly lighter grey, with a lighter one again for the '7' part so it stands out a bit more on the black background.
On the right is good view of the cockpit, and the centre console so you can see the swtich gear. That console is also going to be replaced with a more permanent one, as I wanted to try the switches in those positions first to see how they feel.

Most of the major things have been done, but before I can run it in serious competition I will unfortunately have to make a new pedalbox for it, as the one it has now is just too small and I can't get my feet around as I need to. This means moving the battery to the back of the car as well, so it's not a small job. The four-point harnesses also have to be fitted for competition.
But in the mean time, I quite enjoy just driving it around.

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