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Places & people to buy gear off

All these people I have either trust to do work for me, or I've bought components off. I highly recommend them, and if possible please support them.
Here they are, in no particular order -

- RM Sport in England, run by another friend of mine, Richard Macer. ( Email him Ph/fax (00 44) 01462 481660 ) Richard is located in Hertfordshire, and has also been involved in motorsport for many years, and now runs his own business, working on 4AGE Toyota engines and cars. He's had a lot of success with his engines in customer cars, including several National championships. RM Sport carries a good range of performance products that many other people in the area do not. Richard also makes his own 4AGE-to-Sierra gearbox bell housing converters. I have bought several components from Richard, including a Torsen type limited slip differential for my AE-86, pictured here -
This is a Toyota Celica 4WD turbo rear diff, from the Carlos Sainz model. This is a very high quality racing/rally strut made by RM Sport. None better! TRD extractors, not the kind that TRD will sell you over the counter, but the real racing ones. This is the 4AGE-to-Sierra bell housing that RM Sport sells. Note the fitment of a crank angle sensor.

- Closer to Australia, Rolin Automotive Imports , run by Rod Walk. I've know Rod for many years, and he runs a Japanese importer business on the Gold Coast. Given time, Rod can get just about anything for you, and I've always found his prices to be very good indeed.  Here's a couple of Toyota engines that I've bought off Rod, a 1G-GZTE (supercharged AND turbocharged!) and a Toyota/Lexus 1UZ-FE quad cam V-8. Phone 07-55938533

- PerFOURmance Motor Sports is run by Robin Berardo. Robin has been involved in motorsport for a number of years, and his engines have won many championships, including the 'Aussie Car Class' in the Australian Rally Championships. Robin has approvals to re-engineer many areas of a road car to make them legal to drive, even with some pretty WILD modifications! His fastest customer car as I type this is a 600hp+ Subaru 4WD  Imprezza WRX.

- Getting people these days to do good machining at a reasonable price is hard. I have had a few components made up by John Barbeiri, of Alloy Race Components in Melbourne, Australia.  Ph 03-9588 2994. I got John to make up a couple of lightweight alloy flywheels for me, and they are top quality items indeed. John also carries a number of other performance products, and is well worth a call.

On the right is a 4AGE alloy flywheel made for me by John. You can see the excellent CNC machining, and also the replaceable steel insert for the clutch plate to run on.
Note that his address and phone number on the card on the left is now out of date - it's ->
15 Nicholls Court, Mordialloc
Ph 039 588 2994
Fx 039 588 2996

I also do a lot of shopping at Meridan Motorpsort, in Melbourne. They have a very extensive range of motorsport products, from shoes to helmets to engine parts to suspension ... to complete cars. They also have a comprehensive fabrication shop out the back and can handle nearly any job thrown at them.
Ph 03-95534200
Fax 03-95534270

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