I am now involved in a fantastic new project - iLearningGlobal

I've spent twenty-six years in aviation and have decided it's time to branch off into another line of business, and  iLearningGlobal is one of the smartest opportunities I've ever seen
iLearningGlobal gives you the ability to invest in yourself!
iLearningGlobal is a new company that provides on-line videos, audio books, and texts from some of the world's best businesspeople, mentors, and speakers. People such as multi-billionaire Bill Bartman,  Brian Tracy, Tony Alessandra, Ivan Misner, and over forty other highly successful people present their story on how to succeed. So if you run and want to improve you business or are thinking about personal development, then this one site is the most comprehensive and value-filled on the internet.

The business content includes such topics as  -
Sales & Sales Management
Growing A Business
Leadership Principles
Customer Service
Advertising Strategies
Negotiation Tactics
Overcoming Failures
Additionally for businesses there is also the EDGE business training programme -
A 52-week training & development package designed specifically to give personal, small, & medium size businesses the EDGE to succeed in today’s economy.
The “EDGE” Business Training Program contains everything necessary for you and your business to succeed in this challenging economy. The unique format to this system ensures you will have up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge information and strategies along with action plans, implementation systems, accountability and support.

And for personal topics -
Self Esteem
... and many, many others in the video, audio, and e-books.  The videos are also not like the
grainy little videos on Youtube - thanks to new technology they are full-screen high-definition video that does not require to be loaded fully before playing any section of it. They are usually seven to eight minutes long, so they don't take much time out of your day to gain benefit from. The content also grows by about five videos per week, so there is always fresh content for you to view.

iLearningGlobal will -
- Give you more control over your business & personal life
- Give you more opportunities
- Improve your confidence and skills
- Let you meet up with like-minded people who are there to help
- Give you more choice in your life.
- Give you the opportunity to receive additional passive income, if you become a marketer
- Give you the satisfaction of being able to help others
iLearningGlobal will NOT -
- Leave you on your own once you sign up, you have the support of a growing group of like-minded people who have extensive backgrounds and knowledge.
- Make you '$5000 a month easy!!!!'.  Yes you can make good income from ILG but it takes time.

If you want to know more, please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you ASAP with where to go next, and also include a copy of Brian Tracy's e-book, 'Eat that frog'.
And remember - if you decide that iLearningGlobal is not for you, you may know other businesses & people that will, please let them know.

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I am working in conjunction with my good friends at World's Best Mentors, please check out their excellent opportunities.