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Or, as I call it

(Fans of the Southpark cartoon will know what this is about)

The cartoons & pics page ...


This was a failed experiment by Boeing to try to use Windows on the 777 ... Just kidding!

The chaps in demolition can be too serious sometimes, so some of the others try to relieve the tension.
Perhaps not always succesfully ...

How nature really works ...

The real reason why Christmas was late last year ...


This is the first generation smart missile. It suffered from depression and so wasn't a success ...

The definitive poor man's water sport, but oh-so hard on the equipment ...

Nah, it couldn't be right ... could it? :)

A couple of funny little movies here.
On the left is a sort-of Japanese send-up with a weird ending, and on the right is a bitter guy's cartoon about women.

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